Biphobia on ‘Made in Chelsea’ Going Unchallenged?

Huffington Post, December 2016

It’s not that I was expecting much better from one of the emptiest programmes on television, but this week’s Made in Chelsea’s discrimination against a bisexual man was still disappointing. “Maybe it’s time to stop watching it,” suggested a friend. My defence, as always, was that I need to keep abreast of popular culture, even if popular culture is – as it seems – blatantly biphobic. In case you have better things to do than watch Made in Chelsea, I’ll recount the protracted and bitter exchange, in which a woman (Tiff) told her older sister (Lucy) that she’d been texting a mutual friend (Ollie). Tiff seems happy about said texting; her sister meets her smiles with scathing looks and eye-rolls…

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